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Every Wednesday, you'll meet a new Radiant Woman who embodies the Ajai Alai sound current. 

ALAI -Indestructible - Biet Simkin

Fern Langham


My heart has been torn to shreds, my skin has been peeled off, and now I can finally connect with other people. - Biet Simkin   Artist:   Frej Hedenberg

My heart has been torn to shreds, my skin has been peeled off, and now I can finally connect with other people. - Biet Simkin

Artist: Frej Hedenberg

When I think of indestructible, I see Biet Simkin.

When I met Biet a few years ago in New York, I immediately felt drawn to her power and her "no-bullshit" vibe. She's sexy, she's edgy. Her voice will move you. She's a blast to collaborate with. 

One of the most remarkable things about this woman is her remarkable humility and her courage. And behind her, is a story, a story you may not know. 

You’ve experienced a lot of loss in your life, including the death of your parents and daughter, and you describe these events as shocks that have connected you to your higher self. How have these shocks aided you in your spiritual journey? What advice would you offer someone going through a similar experience?

Biet Simkin: Life is beautiful, but it wasn’t created to be a whole experience. It was broken into millions of shattered parts for our exploration. This is why we sometimes see the beauty in the shattered glass, and at other times the grief and rage. My advice for anyone at any time is to listen, listen to that inner voice and stay close to it. “This too shall pass,” is what they say. And eventually it does, and you will realize it was all worth it. In my life I actually remember experiencing ecstasy around these shocks. My higher self does not want a boring life. Only my mechanics or what some people call “ego” wants it all to be easy. My soul is interested in challenge and loss. My soul is interested in heartache and fear. Get interested in what is breaking you, look closely, it is in the center of these things that your grace can be found.
— Ruby Warrington on Biet Simkin, The Numinous



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Welcome to the Ajai Tribe Sessions. Every Wednesday you'll meet a magnificent woman selected for her embodiment of the Ajai Alai sound current.