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Every Wednesday, you'll meet a new Radiant Woman who embodies the Ajai Alai sound current. 

ABHAI - Fearless - Alyson Charles

Fern Langham


Drop-dead gorgeous. Brilliantly ambitious. Alyson Charles, Rockstar Shaman, is a fearless powerhouse. A global television host, shamanic practitoner, healer, wellness expert, national champion athlete, explorer - AND a dear friend and inspiration of Ajai Alchemy. 

The Universe conspired to put us together one blustery morning over spicy elixirs at Lulitonix in New York City and the rest is history. 

You can find her with her smudge kit saging and clearing energy around NYC and this summer, we're teaming up for cacao ceremonies, crystal healing, tantra workshops, and howling at the full moon in Montauk. Together, we will release the layers and karmic stories and build a strong, fearless tribe of leaders. 

#MontaukMagic is going down at a private house in Montauk July 20-25. I am over the moon excited to share this extraordinary experience with you! Learn more

"The secrets of the cosmos are ready to be known." - Alyson Charles

"The secrets of the cosmos are ready to be known." - Alyson Charles

Magic and beauty is everywhere. Even in the anguish and adversity - that’s oftentimes where the GREATEST beauty lives! If we work it right and allow ourselves to see and feel - the growing pains open up portals to beauty and new awarenesses beyond belief!

We are definitely entering into a new realm, a new phase|transition of our life and life experience. What are you calling in?

For me it’s clear, it’s clean, it’s simple, it’s ease. Unfurling the power and abilities gifted to me yet again. I am so open to the lessons and having it take shape differently. Letting the schisms, the awarenesses and ALL that I’m feeling rise me, rise me higher. Yet again.

Many ask what my secrets are, my main go-to processes. One is to just simply be on the path of truth. I’ve got that agreement of surrender with Divine. Whatever that is, whatever that truth looks like, however THAT is presented to me. My claim and agreement with Highest of high divine above is- just show me truth - I can handle it, I am ready, all I want is the path of truth; I am with you. Following the truth and love.
— Alyson Charles

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Welcome to the Ajai Tribe Sessions. Every Wednesday you'll meet a magnificent woman selected for her embodiment of the Ajai Alai sound current.