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Every Wednesday, you'll meet a new Radiant Woman who embodies the Ajai Alai sound current. 

ABAI - Unchanging, Eternal - Donnalynn Civello

Fern Langham


When I sat down to meditate on Abai, unchanging, I heard silence. All the women in my life are dreamers, visionaries, influencers, light workers, change-makers.

Deep breaths, it will come. It always does.

As I continued to sit, I realized that Abai, the forth word of the Ajai Alai sound current, has a much deeper meaning. Unwavering faithfulness. Eternal spirit. 

Donnalynn Civello. 

Donnalynn was my very first yoga teacher - the day my soul led me to a class on a lunch break when I was working in finance and felt stressed, hopeless, lost and confused.

It was Donnalynn who placed her hand on my back in child's pose when I was struggling through a very challenging time with my health, and it was Donnalynn who gave me the invitation to cry on my yoga mat for the first time when I was getting yelled at every day at work and by the man I was spending my life with. 

It was Donnalynn who provided her guidance to me when I was at a crossroads in leaving this relationship and the corporate job during my Saturn Return, and it was her who constantly reminded me when I was not sharing my authentic voice or speaking up for myself.

It was Donnalynn who illuminated the truth that what I was going through with my thyroid symptoms were clear reflections of what was going on when I wasn't communicating my needs in relationships, friendships, and business partnerships. 

It has always been Donnalynn who has always been a mirror of my truth, my dharma, and my light.

Her friendship has been unwavering. 

I am honored to know this special angel. In her book, Life Lessons, Everything You Ever Wished You Had Learned in Kindergarten, Donnalynn shares her own story on losing it all and having a realization that brought her to her path today.

Her journey is remarkable, and one many of us can relate to in some way. 

In a period of less than 6 weeks, she lost a marriage to a man who left her for another woman, a gorgeous loft apartment in New York City, and her career as a creative director in a top magazine. With only $98 to her name, she lived as a nomad on couches for the next three months and one day, the garbage bags of clothing she carried around the city broke and spilled out on the street. In tears, she sat on the curb and in this moment, was brought to the most powerful realization: "I just have to keep going, and I have to focus on what I do have. And what I do have, is teaching 3 yoga classes a week." 

She put everything into those classes and those classes saved her. 

Then back in December 2015, Donnalynn had a neck injury that nearly paralyzed her. I remember talking to her the week it happened and was in awe of how positive, fearless and courageous she remained. Spirit was on her side and she would not succumb to surgery. Of course, she has healed through acupuncture, energy work and her unwavering spiritual practice. 

She is a living angel. 

Donnalynn remains dedicated to helping clients and students understand the nature of their lives by helping them to understand their life lessons. She teaches simple spiritual yet practical tools for helping people to live their best lives. Her work has been featured in Glamour Magazine, Daily Zen, Stand up for Passion, On Deck With Lucy TV and Radio show and the iHeart Radio Inspirational Network.

She is known for her inspirational insights featured on her weekly blog at Ethereal Wellness Counseling -

You can find Donnalynn in New York and this June in Los Angeles! Learn more about The Art of Conscious Communication, our special event together at LOVE YOGA VENICE on Saturday June 11th.