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Facial & Thyroid Rejuvenation


The more you take the time to show yourself and your body some love, the more your body will show you love back. A thank you. Connecting back into my body through rituals is what helps me tap into my body's intuition, so I can listen to the whispers before they turn into yelps.

The thyroid and the skin are intrinsically connected.

Hormonal issues can commonly manifest as issues such as pimples around the mouth and chin area, dry or snake-like skin, or excessively oily complexions. Dry skin in particular is a common symptom of an underactive and overwhelmed thyroid, which often manifests as a hypothyroid condition and Hashimoto's disease. Self-care rituals are magic, and a key component to my Thyroid Yoga course. Routines and practices so seemingly small and simple have yielded profound healing in my life. This is because the magic lies in the intention and science of these acts.

Taking the time to tend to your own garden expands your ability to serve from spirit. It makes you, the real you, more available. Please don't try to convince yourself otherwise. You are worth it. You are worthy.

Our Ritual - Facial Gua Sha with The Ajai Signature Rose Quartz Roller


Facial gua sha is a much more gentle version of the technique that is typically used on the body in Traditional Chinese Medicine. On the body, the aim is to break down tissue blockages and stagnation and release toxins. The way we are using this technique here on the face (specifically to drain puffiness) is extremely light in comparison.

What we see as puffiness in the face is fluid retention, specifically lymphatic fluid. For optimal health of the skin, the immune system, and the entire body, we want lymph to be circulating freely. When lymph is draining and refreshing optimally, puffiness goes down. In addition, the proper circulation removes toxins from the skin, which helps to clarify the complexion, and rejuvenates skin cells for a healthy glow.

The main causes of fluid retention are inflammation in the body, lack of movement, or too much salt. Inflammation can have so many causes, but some common ones are poor diet; foods such as sugar, gluten or dairy; too much alcohol; illness; and chronic illness. The lymph system relies on external movement for its circulation, so exercise or massage help to move the fluid, and being sedentary, or being stationed behind a computer all day, contribute to stagnation—this is why we're usually puffiest in the morning, after we've been lying in bed all night.

This is where facial gua sha comes in. With gentle pressure, in the correct directions, we encourage the lymphatic fluid to move along its pathways and drain into the body. 

Which is why we've chosen a beautiful rose quartz facial roller to offer you as a gift when you purchase the Ajai Signature Collection - which includes 5 of our favorite organic face + body oils to massage into your skin, plus our rollerball Radiance & Grace Alchemy and our refreshing "Shower in a Bottle" aka Grace Rose Mist with aloe vera and rosewater.

Using a facial roller increases circulation and will support lymphatic drainage -so you can truly roll away puffiness and tired eyes. I've been using my rose quartz roller every morning and evening for two years and I've noticed:

+ Dark circles under my eyes completely vanished
+ Face puffiness gone
+ Inflammation around my thyroid has also vanished when used with the Radiance Body Oil

Rose Quartz Roller Can Help To:
+ Improve elasticity of the skin
+ Reduce appearance of puffiness and fine lines 
+ Ease facial muscle tension
+ Help product absorb better 

Rollers also help to reduce fine lines, stimulate the skin, increase cellular tone, and move stagnate energy.

We have chosen rose quartz rollers, simply because rose quartz infuses our skin with charged love energy.

On a scientific level:
"Rose quartz has a hexagonal stacked crystal structure which means it retains heat and cold more effectively, and temperature gradients affect the delivery of actives into the skin." 

In other words: Decreases puffiness and inflammation! 

Pro tip: Keep your roller in the fridge so it’s extra cold when used. When you're red and blotchy after a workout or a late night out, use it over the Grace Body Oil, a calming moisturizer with rosehip oil, and the flames on your face immediately vanish. Rolling ingredients in is much more efficient than just rubbing them in! So essentially, the ingredients in Ajai Oils become even more potent! 

Dermatologists agree that using facial rollers can be beneficial for boosting lymphatic drainage. Jody Levine, MD, a dermatologist and director of dermatology at Plastic Surgery & Dermatology of NYC, tells us that "lymphatic massages of areas such as the face reduce puffiness and improve circulation." She recommends cleansing skin thoroughly and then rolling right after you apply Ajai Oils. "Gently guide the roller in upward and outward strokes over your neck and face and reapply serum or moisturizer if needed," Dr. Levine explains.

Pro tip: Our roller is dual-ended. Use the smaller end around the eyes. In the evenings, the larger end can be used with a nourishing serum (we also love our aphrodisiac Solar Oil) to release tension in the face and jaw and to promote relaxation before sleeping.

Watch what happens when GOOP Editor Megan Tried The Rose Quartz Roller On Her Face & Neck...


$33 from every purchase of the Ajai Collection will be donated to the Sat Nam Foundation for efforts in providing sustenance and care to the children.

Learn more about our devotion to giving back.