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give back


Ajai Alchemy is devoted to support the establishment of sustainable systems to provide clean water, healthy food, education, clothing, infrastructure and reliable medical support for the children at the Manjushree Vidyapith orphanage in India.


In my daily prayer to my guides and angels - I ask to be shown how I can be of service. I pray to be shown the mentors, friends, and relationships that will lead me on this path. 

Returning home after Sat Nam Festival in August 2018, I've realized again, how blessed I have been to follow my intuition and go where I am guided. I had a strong and persistent hit that I must go to this Kundalini Yoga festival. So, I booked my ticket and days later I departed Costa Rica and found myself in the Berkshires, dancing my heart out with soul family and remarkable artists and musicians, wiping my tear-stained cheeks after intense Kundalini Kriyas that shook me awake, cleansed me, and reunited me with my radiant lioness. 

It was no coincidence that this remarkable festival took place during the auspicious Lion's Gate Portal - August 8 - August 11th - a gateway into the heavens and into higher realms of consciousness. During this time, higher frequency energies from the star, Sirius are beamed down onto Earth, in order to help advance the human race and raise the consciousness of the planet.

The Lion's Gate Portal is activated every year on August 8th when the Sun, Sirius, and the Earth move to specific points in the sky. This is a time where new levels of consciousness are infused into the planet and also into each of us individually. What this energy is guiding us to do is align with our path and purpose, and help our community wake up, rise and activate together. We all chose to come back at this time, to clear any karmic ties from our lineage of our ancestors, heal ourselves, heal humanity and collectively heal Mother Earth. 

We are all cut from the same cloth, we are all made of the same elements, and we will all return to the same place. We were all chosen to be born on Earth to help the planet, to help our fellow humans and all life we co-exist with, and to remember, even though we are constantly distracted by our differences, that we are all one and the same.

So, this brings me to why we were all gathered at Sat Nam Fest on this auspicious portal - to come home to each other, to reunite with soul family as we rediscover why we came, how we can help healing on a global scale. This is our mission. This is our responsibility to each other and our planet. 

Deep in the Himalayas of Northeastern India, a Buddhist monk cares for 300+ children. 

In 1998 Lama Thupten Phuntsok founded Manjushree Vidyapith School and Orphanage. The orphanage began with just 17 children, and houses, feeds, and educated more than 300. As their numbers grow, so do their needs.

Manjushree Orphanage is one of the most remote orphanages in the world. It is a 2.5 day jeep ride from the nearest airport, and due to snow, the roads are only passable for a few months every year. As a monk, Lama Thupten relies on the goodwill of humanity for support. The orphanage is not receiving sufficient aid. Manjushree is overcrowded and cannot accept all those who need help.

Children are dying of malnutrition, disease, and accidents.



If you are reading this, most likely you have been given the privilege to have abundant access to education, clean drinking water, shelter, and so much more. We have so much to give, and often I find myself feeling so grateful for what I have, and wondering how I can give more, I find myself questioning why so many children are being born into poverty, war, and abuse, and worse - often times are unheard, unseen, and unsupported by a world that is so abundant and able to help them - and often turns a blind eye to their suffering. I can't live in a state of abundance without giving what I have been blessed with - it is my dharma to inspire and empower a liberated life, and that means touching the hearts and souls of children, the beautiful beings who are incarnations of God. They are our planet's future. 

Service is one of the fundamental practices of a yogic lifestyle. "Sat Nam" means "Truth is my Identity" and is the traditional greeting of the Kundalini Yoga tradition, and we've chanted it together if you've attended a class or workshop with me - or perhaps you saw my recent post on one of my most potent Thyroid Yoga classics... Sat Kriya. 

Sat Nam Foundation, the generous group who organized Sat Nam Fest, was founded by a committed team of Kundalini Yogis, including the owners, artists, Spirit Voyage and Jai Dev Singh - passionate about service and who wanted to create ways to put the yoga of service in action. This beautiful organization strives to create lasting change to protect the resources of Mother Earth, and to give selflessly to those in greatest need. They have served people and projects in India, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Syrian Refugee Camps in Greece, Nepal, Haiti, the USA, and South Africa. In 2018, their primary focus is providing live-saving access access to clean water and solar lighting to children in India.

If reading this inspires you, here's how you can help Thyroid Yoga’s and teacher Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa's mission to empower the orphanage with autonomous systems of water, food, and clothing as well as to support them with medical needs and infrastructure. 

We are looking for amazing individuals, brands and organizations who would like to join our mission to empower a movement of soul healing, self-expression and liberation. 10% from all orders and 100% of donations will be given to the Manjushree Vidyapith School and Orphanage. If you would like to join us or have ideas for conscious brands and leaders who may be aligned with our mission, please reach out to us. 

Remember why you came. Be love. Give what you can, and you will be given blessings beyond your wildest imagination.

Love always,
Fern Olivia

(Ravi Priya Kaur)