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Ajai by Fern Olivia
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I’ve worn the same fragrance my whole life, so it’s a big deal to say this - the day I got married, I chose to wear Grace Alchemy. I’d been using the scent for about a month, and from the first moment it touched my wrists and my neck, it felt more than a perfume. It fit and harmonized with my body in a subtle and powerful way that felt entirely new and absolutely right. Exactly the kind of feeling I wanted to have on my wedding day, and every day thereafter.
— Sara Reistad-Long, co-founder of The Wellness Agency
It was love at first smell! The moment I tried the Ajai Radiance face and hair serum, my body felt nourished, loved, and at home. The lemongrass therapeutic grade essential oil awakened my senses and put my soul at ease. I highly recommend Fern’s alchemy to anyone who is also combating cystic acne. It helps relieve stress after a long day. I love rubbing it on my face during my morning Sadhanas.
— Alexa heller, singer, voice coach
Her scent is so intoxicating, it’s unbelievable. It really works. I call Fern the seductress, because she is, she’s so in her sensuality. Her fragrances are primal. And to understand a man, you need to unlock their primal being. If you want a strong alpha guy, he’s all primal. If I meet a woman and she smells unreal, everytime I see her, I want her everywhere, I want her in my car, in my bed, and when she leaves, I want to smell her on my pillow. She gets into my mind, I want to follow her everywhere. And Fern’s fragrances really work like a charm. Women, tell all your friends.
— David Wygant, internationally acclaimed dating and relationship coach, author, and speaker
Ajai Alchemy puts into your cells a very tangible experience of radiance. Once applied, you instantly feel the buzz of something clean, beautiful and bright! It’s the next phase of fragrance, where the scent is not only sweet, but also holds a frequency!
— Harmanjot Kaur - Lead Kundalini Yoga Teacher at the RA MA Institute, Venice
The radiance blend is always in my bag — it’s light, uplifting scent always makes me feel bright and energized. It’s now part of my sacred daily morning meditation practice and self-care ritual.
— Cassandra Bozdak, Holistic lifestyle guide and author of "Eat with Intention."
Intoxicating organic fragrances that warrant the creation of daily rituals.
— Schuyler Semlear, Founder, Mindful Juice Company

My Radiance alchemy feels fused with intention, as if it were made special for me. The citrus smell seems to have rejuvenating and energizing qualities... I look forward to using it in my morning routine
— Aubrey Levitt, founder of Body & Eden