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Ajai Sacred Sage, Palo Santo and Quartz Bundle


Ajai Sacred Sage, Palo Santo and Quartz Bundle


A bundle of sacred herbs: California White Sage, Palo Santo, Lavender, and Roses with a raw Quartz crystal, wrapped in a velvet ribbon. 

White Sage is found sacred in many religions due to its purifying properties. This small shrub is used in the kitchen as a cooking herb and in herbal medicine as an antibiotic, anti-fungal, and antispasmodic treatment. This amazing herb has been used for thousands of years in cleansing rituals and ceremonies to establish positive energy, clarity of thought, and healing. Native to the mountains of California, it is a plant prized for its rich aroma. When burned, sage has the effect of transforming the atomic structure of surrounding air and living creatures.

Burn the ends of your smudge stick and allow yourself to be soothed by the wonderful and aromatic smoke and encourage positive energy to fill the room. As the smoke rises it is clearing and healing your soul and creating your sacred space. Be fully present, aware, positive, and centered during a smudging ceremony and it will be a success. Smudging has been utilized for thousands of years, possibly pre-dating Native American culture. The act of burning herbs and plant resins in a ceremonial and religious setting is mirrored all over the globe. 

As practiced by generations of these native people, the pointed end of the smudge bundle, while held over a bowl of sand, is ignited. Blowing on the glowing surface will provide the fragrant smoke. Saying a prayer for someone special or in need, while gently waving the bundle around the area, will enhance the enjoyment of this ancient sacred ritual. After smudging extinguish the lighted embers by rubbing in the bowl of sand. Retie the string if needed. Then place the bundle on your sacred alter for future use.

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